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The world seems sadder and more subjective today on this topic.

There were 17 related headlines today (2019-06-26)

Source News Headlines Subjectivity Polarity Opinion | Seize the chance 0.0 0.0 San Francisco's foolishly bans e-cig sales24 minutes | Opinion 0.0 0.0 Opinion Trump didn't plan or vet people so we have chaos 0.0 0.0 Opinion Focus on health costs, not coverage, to beat Trump 0.0 0.0 Opinion: Russia Should Not Be in The Council of Europe 0.0 0.0 Opinion: Labor organizers fight to adapt By Gary Jones  | 16 mins ago 0.0 0.0 Opinion: Chicago Police Release Jussie Smollett Video 0.0 0.0 Opinion: Why didn't E. Jean Carroll speak out sooner about Trump? Look around 0.0 0.0 Opinion | Will US policy on China change if Trump loses, and does Xi care? 0.1 -0.3 Opinion Israeli Theater Is on the Verge of Moral Bankruptcy 0.25 0.0 The founder of TPUSA has rough time with facts3 hours | Opinion 0.4 -0.1 Democratic debates: Making the best of bad TV7 minutes | Opinion 0.4833 0.15 Opinion: Trump-Xi G-20 summit: Common sense vs. tariffs and what's at stake 0.5 -0.3 Opinion: Detroit must fix bad foreclosure policy By Mary Kate Sickel And Erin Stanley  | 46 mins ago 0.6667 -0.7 Opinion: Democrats can't decide if America is great -- or a total disaster 0.75 0.4 Opinion What Lies Behind the Absurd Claim That Netanyahu Is Good for Israeli Arabs 0.7667 -0.0667 Opinion: Trump is doing all the wrong things on immigration 0.9 -0.5